Custom Home Lighting

Virginia Beach Custom Home Lighting & Installation

Custom Home Lighting

Audio Connection is proud to offer Custom Home Lighting & Installation. Audio Connection services all of the Hampton Roads area including Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Newport News, Portsmouth, Chesapeake, Suffolk, Hampton.

With a simple touch of a button, create just the right mood in your home for different occasions or times of day. Create lighting “scenes” by controlling multiple lights in a room, such as a kitchen. Adjust overhead, under cabinet, and sink lights with the touch of a button for food preparation, dining, or clean up.
Safely navigate through your home. Press a button to illuminate a pathway from your bedroom to move easily throughout your home at night.

* Easily dim the lights throughout your home.
* Save energy by maximizing the efficiency of your lighting system.
* Install discreet occupancy/vacancy sensors to ensure lights are
turned off when rooms are unoccupied.
* Add or alter switches to accommodate your changing lifestyle
without expensive rewiring
* Ensure privacy and protect against heat transfer and harmful solar
exposure with silent, remote-controlled window coverings
* Control a single room or the entire home, depending on need and

Custom designed lighting can enhance the beauty of your home, whether you choose to do just a few rooms, outdoors or your entire home. Automated lighting with variable programming can also increase the security of your home while you’re away.

While cost was once a factor with automated lighting systems, advancements in technology and energy cost savings have significantly reduced the total cost of ownership. With custom wired or wireless lighting control, any home becomes more efficient and effective, at a price you can afford.