Surveillance Systems

The ideal surveillance system is one you never notice until the time comes for it to do its job! At Audio Connection we design your system to be as simple and invisible as possible while providing high-level safety and peace of mind.

• View and control security cameras from the TV, your iPad or remotely through the internet
• Answer and operate the front door and front gate from any telephone or touch screen in the home

Surveillance systems are a great example of how electronic systems can provide peace of mind. Cameras mounted in strategic places outside and inside of a home can give homeowners a great view of what’s happening in and around their house. For homeowners who want to record and save footage for later viewing, cameras can be combined with a hard disk digital video recorder. If something is suddenly missing or broken this system can help resolve the “whodunit” question. Surveillance systems can be accessed remotely so that homeowners can watch live footage on their smart phones or from work. Many AC clients enjoy the convenience factor of surveillance as much as the security it provides. For example, surveillance systems are great for parents and can function as “nanny cams” or be used to make sure children arrive home when they’re supposed to. Cameras can be set up anywhere in and around the home in locations of your choosing; having a closed circuit TV system is the best way to achieve peace of mind while providing protection for your family.

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