The Importance of Intuitiveness

audio and videoThe music you want to listen to and the shows you want to watch should be as easy to control as turning on a light switch – in other words, effortless. Your audio and video system should be an integral part of your home, programmed to support your lifestyle.

The Miracle of More Counter Space

If you are like most people, you love to relax to music, or watch the television in your kitchen while getting dinner ready. However, counter space is often times not available.

Using you kitchen touch screen, you can pull up any song in your collection in less than five seconds and have it start to play instantly. The exact CD you want to play is ready at a touch of a button. Your music library can literally store thousands of CD’s, alleviating all of the hassles of storage and cleaning. Just pick the CD, the station, or the songs and be your own DJ.

If it is a television show or a video you want, simply pull down your LCD television monitor mounted beneath your cabinets and swivel the screen for optimal viewing. The easier things are, the more you will use them.

Many Music Libraries for the Price of One

You have a second home or an office and want the same music selection you have in your primary residence. Instead of purchasing the same CD’s all over again, simply enter them into your second library system. All you have to do is link the two libraries together using your computer. Connect to the music server with your laptop via your wireless network and transfer music back and forth between computer and server. The music server can synchronize your entire music collection with other music servers at other primary or secondary residences, or even your office.


HDTV has received a great deal of publicity in recent years. There is good reason. Even the most technically challenged viewer immediately notices the difference in overall image quality. The most prominent difference is that the actual image is much wider than normal television viewing keeping the integrity of the director’s original creation intact. Image clarity is another reason to choose HDTV. High definition television’s resolution is actually ten times greater than standard television. Once you start regularly viewing HDTV, chances are you will never want to be without it again.

As with movie theaters, HDTV also has Dolby Digital Surround Sound. With this additional difference in sound, the viewer is totally immersed into the entire television watching experience. With HDTV there is one less reason to actually leave your home and pay to see a movie.

Plan Ahead

If you are building new construction, and know that someday you will want a sophisticated audio and video system in your home, but are unsure your current budget can handle the expense, wire now and save later. Whether you choose broadcast or cable TV, satellite, DVD, VCR, or on-demand services yet to come. Audio Connection ensures that the proper infrastructure is in place for you to reap the full benefits of today’s options while preparing you for future technological advances. We can customize a system just for you!

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