The Challenge:

You need a network that performs.

If you are like most, your Wi-Fi and Internet demands have increased dramatically over the last several years with increased usage of mobile devices, streaming media, access to online homework and school and sports portals, online gaming, video surveillance and the list goes on.

Reliable and fast Wi-Fi and Internet are now needs and not “nice to haves”.  Proper network infrastructure is now equally as important to homeowners as electricity and plumbing.

  • * Internet service providers (ISP’s) are scrambling to bring higher bandwidth and speed into your home.
  • * Every day another product you never thought would have internet connectivity, ships with an Ethernet jack on it or a wireless antenna. A wireless device with poor connectivity can dramatically slow down an entire consumer-grade network.
  • * A wireless device with poor connectivity can dramatically slow down an entire consumer-grade network.
  • * Downloading and streaming media from services and devices such as iTunes, Netflix, AppleTV, Roku, Xbox Live and Pandora, all place heavy demands on network bandwidth.
  • * Remote monitoring of your home is necessary to see if that expensive generator you just purchased is doing what it was designed to do, if your outside lights, basement lights or AV system got left on again, is your furnace maintaining the proper temperature in your home while you’re away, did the service or delivery you scheduled while traveling occur, is the pool filter still running, or were windows or doors left open?

If your network cannot support these speeds and your family’s demands, it’s like putting a kink in your garden hose, while your prized landscaping scorches in the summer heat.

Audio Connection’s Solutions:

  • *We work with Luxul and Apple’s Network’s enterprise grade networking equipment which is geared toward the AV industry and its demands; providing high throughput speeds and proper Wi-Fi coverage all with the same performance and durability of the equipment used in your office.
  • *We provide solutions from the basic network upgrade to simply providing every drop of bandwidth your ISP brings into your home, to full scale wireless systems where you can walk from one end of your home to your outdoor spaces streaming a YouTube video on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, with no loss of connection or stumble in performance.
  • *You need a solid network with proper setup to enable this functionality.  Let’s put our heads together to see how we can help you perform efficiently and be more productive by day and sleep well at night.

People’s reliance on the Internet has created a very demanding society regarding technical conveniences. The majority of clients want benefits not technology. The details of the technology required to create the greatest amount of conveniences, are merely a means to an end for most people. When we discuss wireless networking to our customers, most of them want to hear about how wireless network systems allow distribution of the Internet in any room of the house. This means all of their children can work on their own computers at the same time and in their own rooms. Customers want to hear about the freedom of not being attached to a cord. They want to hear how they will be able to surf the net 10 times faster than they have previously.

This Is The Best Solution

Consider networking the PCs of your home through a wireless networking system. Wireless networking affords a simple way to add wireless devices to your networking system. The installation of a Local Area Network (LAN) makes it possible to share the home’s resources. This means that a laptop computer, Web-enabled cell phone or any other type of wireless Internet-enabled device can join the network without having to be plugged into a phone jack or data jack. Your current and future options are multiplied by establishing a wireless networking system.

Don’t Limit Yourself

Our computer network designs include a future-proof infrastructure that allows for changes within your family, or new technology yet to be introduced within the market. Each system is designed to interface with a centralized panel allowing for quick and easy changes down the road. Providing your home or business with the proper technical foundation allows for freedom of choices and savings in the future. For example, with pre-installed outlets in every room, it’s possible to quickly move a computer or printer to another location or add one to a room that doesn’t already have one. It’s never too late; call Audio Connection today for an appointment for a professional consultation now.

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